Our Mission

IWEC’s mission is “Globally Spread the Culture of Wine and Spirits ”


Our Organization

IWEC (International Wine Education Center) is a community of wine educators who dedicated in spreading wine and spirits knowledge globally. The mission of IWEC is “Globally Spread the Culture of Wine and Spirits ”. We are keeping coaching wine and spirits tutors with the standards and quality of the guided wine and spirits tasting and courses implementation, supporting them the experience, skill, education system and tools to spread the culture of wine and spirits to all levels enthusiasts globally.


Based in California, IWEC has established 4 course systems which are welcomed world widely, these courses cover all needs from tutors and enthusiasts. We believe, wine and spirits knowledge not only belongs to alcoholic beverage industry but to all persons who are willing to share. Join IWEC please! Let’s make wine and spirits culture to be the part of life.